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Protection nets for balconies: Safety nets

Most people love to spend some quiet time inside the balconies. But you probably know that it is dangerous especially for pets and small children, since they run around and play next to the balcony itself.

Balcony safety net ideas are safety oriented just like balcony cat fence ideas. Naturally, in these cases, decoration takes second place. We are going to mention some ideas of protection nets for balconies and later we will share how to install a safety net inside your balcony.

To start with external factors, for example, if your balcony has an open area, uninvited guests, such as pigeons, bats or any lost bird, can perfectly enter.

Even if they don't go inside, they will probably leave their feces and feathers all over the deck, taking care of cleaning each time they decide to go inside. As long as you install a safety net inside your balcony, you will prevent these rare situations from occurring.

As another example, insects and flies that are smaller than the screen could enter your balcony. Although, if you spray chemicals like fly repellent on the net, that will be a very good solution to prevent them from entering. Also, you can apply some protective sprays, for example UV-proof, waterproof, etc. Apart from that, the materials of the net are generally polypropylene, polyester, monofilament and such elastic wires.

Some Important Points for Balcony Safety Nets

We have just mentioned some external factors. However, it is not enough to give some clues about the safety nets of the balconies. So what is the functionality of safety nets for your balcony?

First of all, they provide fall protection for your kids and pets. For that reason, your children play on the balcony in a 100% safe way, without any kind of worry. Also, your pets, for example, a cat, a dog, a parrot can come out of their “cage”. Thus, they will be safe from falling or flying off in the case of the parrot.

These nets are sold by the meter or by kilos. We recommend that before buying, measure the dimensions of the balcony. In addition, you must be sure if the safety nets have good quality and resistance to external and internal exposures, just as we offer at redsinsa.

Another significant point is that some of these networks do not disturb your view while you look at the city landscape from the balcony. In general, it is best that you consider several of them before buying.

DIY Balcony Safety Net Ideas:

Tools: pencil, drill, scissors, screwdriver, tape measure

Materials: anchor strips, a net (polypropylene recommended), brackets, harpoons


1. As noted above, measure the open area to be installed.
2. Pierce the anchor strip with the drill.
3. Mark the exact position of your piercings with the pencil.
4. Secure the anchor strip with the screwdriver.
5. Do the same on both sides and in the upper area.
6. Mount the network.
7. If material remains after mounting, cut it off with scissors.
8. Adjust the harpoons so that the net is decent.